The SDI-12 Verifier gives you assurance that your SDI-12 sensor is in compliance with the SDI-12 standard. If your sensor is not in compliance, it will help you find the problems. The Verifier performs complex tests quickly, saving you time and money.

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The Verifier can also simulate an SDI-12 sensor and monitor the SDI-12 bus to help test SDI-12 data recorders.

The Verifier is a PC based system with three components:

  1. Hardware to interface a USB port to the SDI-12 bus.  This interfaces PCs to SDI-12 sensors and data recorders.
  2. Firmware to communicate with the PC and SDI-12 devices, execute tests, time events, simulate sensors, and control the SDI-12 bus.
  3. PC software to test SDI-12 sensors and recorders (runs on Microsoft Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10).

The Verifier can test:

  • all SDI-12 commands;
  • all versions of SDI-12 (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4);
  • the timing of SDI-12 bus transactions;
  • the ability of sensors to respond to a break;
  • the ability of sensors to wake up within 100 milliseconds after a break;
  • the ability of a sensor to respond within 15 milliseconds after receiving the last byte of a valid command;
  • the ability of sensors to return to low power standby mode;
  • the ability of sensors to reset upon receipt of a break when taking a measurement;
  • the ability of sensors to take concurrent measurements;
  • the correct use and timing of service requests;
  • the proper use of parity;
  • data retention after taking a measurement;
  • the correct computation of CRC values;
  • extended commands;
  • and more ...

The Verifier also:

  • monitors the SDI-12 bus and displays all commands and responses exchanged between an SDI-12 recorder and sensors;
  • operates as an SDI-12 data recorder;
  • simulates an SDI-12 sensor to help test data recorders;
  • has an SDI-12 transparent mode;
  • can have numerous sensors connected to it;
  • has a detailed user's guide;
  • functions as a interface between a PC and one or more SDI-12 sensors using a PC communications program such as HyperTerminal, without using the Verifier's PC software.

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